Customer Feedback

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your lavender shampoo and conditioner.  It is the first product that does not leave my hair all frizzy as I have fine hair, some shampoos make it either frizzy /fly away, or weighed down.  The smell is divine.  I can even go two days now before washing my hair, before I had to wash it every day.  People have even commented on how nice my hair looks, and smells.  I have also tried your body wash, that is lovely too, altho, it could use a bit more lavender smell.  I LOVE lavender.  I have tried the lip balm, and that helps my dried lips, and is the first I will ever wear as I hate anything on my lips as most products feel gluggy.

The best part.  I recently had a head injury, and was in hospital.  The doctor made me use nothing but surgical soap sponges to wash my hair.  I had a gaping head wound, and it was forever weeping and irritated, they kept me in as they were worried about it taking so long to heal.  I got my husband to bring in my lavender shampoo, and within three days, my wound had dried up to the point they let me home out of that hospital.  I swear it was the lavender shampoo and conditioner.

I tell everyone about your shampoo line, even when people are looking at it in the Victor harbor chemist that stocks it, I go up to them and tell them how good it is.

I have also  not tried the citrus, altho I love the citrus smell.  I keep buying the lavender as I know I love that.

So, big thumbs up to your company.  Not only do you make great natural products, you are in South Australia, and I prefer to support a local business.

Leanne Piper
Port Elliot SA 5212

So, there ya go.  I just had to write to tell you how great your products are, well done.